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At some 2300 miles in length, the Mississippi is the longest river in the United States. At some 1000 miles, the Mackenzie is the longest river in Canada. But these waterways seem minute in comparison to the world’s 2 lengthiest rivers: the Nile and the Amazon.?

The Nile which begins in central Africa and flows over 4100 miles north into the Mediterranean hosted one of the world’s great ancient civilizations along its shores. Calm and peaceful for most of the year, the Nile used to flood annually, thereby creating, irrigating and carrying new topsoil to the nearby farmland on which ancient Egypt depended for livelihood. As a means of transportation, the river carried various vessels up and down its length.?

A journey through the unobstructed? part of this waterway today would pass by the splendid valley of the Kings, where the tombs of many of these ancient monarchs have stood for over 3000 years. Great civilizations and intensive settlement are hardly associated with the Amazon, yet this 4000 mile-long south American river carries about 20% of the world’s fresh water more than the Mississippi, Nile and Yangtze combined. Other statistics are equally astonishing. The Amazon is so wide at some points that from its center neither shore can be seen. Each second, the Amazon pours some 55 million gallons of water into the Atlantic.? There, at its mouth stands one island larger than Switzerland. Most important of all, the Amazon irrigates the largest tropical rain forest on earth.?

Passage 1

9. What can be found in the valley of the Kings?

10. In what way is the Amazon different from other big rivers?

11. What does the speaker say about the Amazon?

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the third in our cities of business seminars in the program “Doing Business Abroad”.?(Q19)?Today, we are going to look at the intercultural awareness, that is the fact that not everyone is British, not everyone speaks English and not everyone does business in a British way. And, why should they??(Q19)?If overseas business people are selling to us, then they will make every effort to speak English and to respect our traditions and methods.?It is only polite for us to do the same when we visit them. It is not only polite, it is a central, if we want to sell British products overseas. First, a short quiz. Let’s see how interculturally-aware you are. Question 1: where must you not drink alcohol on the first and seventh of every month. Question 2: where should you never admire your host’s possessions. Question 3: how should you attract the waiter during a business lunch in Bangkok. Question 4: where should you try to make all your appointments either before 2 or after 5:30 pm. OK, everyone had a chance to make some notes. Right! Here are the answers. Although I am sure that the information could equally well apply to countries other than those I have chosen. No.1:?(Q20)?you must not drink alcohol on the first and seventh of the month?in India. In international hotels, you may find it served, but if you are having a meal with an India colleague, remember to avoid asking for a beer. If you are an arrival, coincide with one of those tips. No.2: in Arab countries, the politeness and generosity of the people is without parallel. If you admire your colleague’s beautiful belt and bowls, you may well find yourself being presented with them as a present. This is not a cheap way to do your shopping, however, as your host will quite correctly expect you to respond by presenting him with a gift of equal worth and beauty. In Thailand, clicking the fingers, clapping your hands or just shouting “Waiter” will embarrass your hosts, fellow diners, the waiter himself and, most of all, you. Place your palm downward and make an inconspicuous waving gesture, which will produce instant and satisfying results. And finally,?(Q21)?in Spain, some businesses maintain the pattern of working until about 2 o’clock and then returning to the office from 5:30 to 8, 9 or 10 in the evening.

Q19: What should you do when doing business with foreigners?

Q20: What must you avoid doing with your Indian colleague?

Q21: What do we learn about some Spanish people?


?? 自行车曾经是中国城乡最主要的交通工具,中国一度被称为“自行车王国”。如今,随着城市交通拥堵和空气污染日益严重,骑自行车又开始流行起来。近来,中国企业家将移动互联网技术与传统自行车结合在一起,发明了一种称为共享单车的商业模式。共享单车的出现使骑车出行更加方便,人们仅需用一部手机就可以随时使用共享单车。为了鼓励人们骑车出行,很多城市修建了自行车道。现在,越来越多的中国人也喜欢通过骑车健身。

Bicycles used to be the most important means of transportation in China’s urban and rural areas. Consequently, China was once called “the Kingdom of Bicycles.” Nowadays, as urban traffic congestion and air pollution become more serious, cycling has come back into vogue. Recently, Chinese entrepreneurs, by incorporating mobile Internet technology with traditional bicycles, have invented a new business model known as shared bicycles. The advent of shared bicycles has rendered cycling increasingly convenient. People can use a shared bicycle at any time with just one mobile phone. In order to encourage people to cycle, many cities have built bicycle lanes. Now, an increasing number of Chinese people also like to exercise via cycling.?

? ? 中国目前拥有世界上最大最快的高速铁路网。高铁列车的运行速度还将继续提升,更多的城市将修建高铁站。高铁大大缩短了人们的出行时间。相对飞机而言,高铁列车的突出优势在于准时,因为基本不受天气或交通管制的影响。高铁极大地改变了中国人的生活方式。如今,它已经成了很多人商务旅行的首选交通工具。越来越多的人也在假日乘高铁外出旅游?;褂胁簧倌昵崛搜≡裨谝桓龀鞘泄ぷ鞫诹俳鞘芯幼?,每天乘高铁上下班。

? ? Currently, China owns the world’s largest and fastest high-speed railway network. The speed of high-speed trains will continue to mount, and more cities will construct high-speed railway stations. High-speed railway has markedly shortened people’s travel time. Compared with aircraft, high-speed trains enjoy an outstanding advantage—punctuality, because they are generally not affected by weather or traffic control. High-speed railway has dramatically transformed the way of life of Chinese people. Nowadays, it has become the No. 1 means of transportation for many people going on a business trip. An increasing number of people also travel by high-speed trains during holidays. In addition, there are also a considerable number of young people who choose to work in one city but live in a neighboring city, and who commute to and from work by a high-speed train every day.


Directions:?For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of building trust between businesses and consumers. You can site examples to illustrate your view. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.?

Supposing that people intend to enjoy reliable and harmonious relationship between businesses and consumers, it is advisable for people to attach much importance to trust building between them. In contemporary society, it is a widespread phenomenon that relationship between companies and customers is deteriorating due to the lack of mutual trust between the two sides. Several typical examples can be given: some companies use false advertisement to deceive consumers; other corporations sell fake and inferior products online to seek excessive profits. As a matter of fact, a growing number have come to realize the great significance of building trust between firms and clients. Without mutual trust between the two parties, it would be impossible to establish a healthy and safe business environment. Without mutual trust between the two sides, it would be impossible to protect consumer rights and interests.?

I, as a consumer, firmly hold the view that both the companies and customers should make joint efforts to build trust. Only in this way can the two sides enjoy trustworthy, steady and sustainable relationship.?

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